SD-1 TD, SE-33 - material kit by Ridley K. (UK)

Really fast building by Ridley from material kit. 
The construction from scratch has started beginning of June 2017. He's finishing the wings at this moment, preparing for priming. SE-33 heart will go in soon.

SD-1 Minisport, QB, TG, SE-33

Building of SD-1 Minisport Quick Building kit, Tri-cycle (caster nose wheel), SE-33 engine

Nearly finished and flying demo aircraft, gallery will be regularly updated

SD-1 Minisport

All versions of SD-1 Minisport

SD-2 Sportmaster

SD-2 Sportmaster

EMC 2017

14th FAI European Microlight Championship 2017, Nagykanizsa, Hungary


SD-1 Minisport TD, Hirth F23 50hp, BRS