SE 33 33HP – 4stroke

SE33 – 33hp

A simple 4-stroke OHV engine based on proven industrial solution. The engine weight 32 kgs. Forged crankshaft and connecting rods. The most suitable 4-stroke engine for the SD-1.

Cooling: air
Ignition: Magnetos
Propeller: Helix, DIA. 1,25 m, two blade fixed, composite

Fuel: MOGAS min.95 RON‘
TBO: 1000 h (increasing expected)
Overhaul price 1100,- Eur

SI units Imperial units
Cruise speed @75% 150 km/h 94 mph
Fuel consumption @75% 4,8 l/h 1 gal/h
Level top speed at S.L. 190 km/h 119 mph
Climb speed at S.L. and MTOM 3,7 m/s 730 fpm
TO distance over 15 m/50ft obstacle 260 m 858 ft
Landing distance over 15 m/50 ft obstacle 260 m 858 ft

The values of speeds are about 3% lower for TG and TGC version and 2 % lower for full XL cabin hood.

Installation simplicity
Low installation weight
Low consumption


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