This type of undercarriage is lightest and has lowest drag from all offered. It requires previous taildragger experience from pilot.

The legs of main gears are made of pultruded fiberglass rods. Upper end of leg is attached to fuselage tunel. The main-lower hinge is bolted thru pin to fuselage bottom. The wheels of 12×4 (300×100 mm) size are braked using mechanical drum brakes. The brakes are activated via diferential heel levers from fixed or adjustable pedals.

The tail wheel of 100 mm (4″) diameter is held in a steel fork. The fork is controlled via rudder and is attached to the fiberglass spring. The spring is attached to bottom of fuselage using 3 bolts.

Engine                       SE-24                            Hirth F-33                      SE-31                            Hirth F-23

Empty weight          121 kg / 269 lbs         116 kg / 258 lbs          131 kg / 291 lbs          127 kg / 282 lbs

The empty weight value is valid for factory built airplane delivered with fixed pedals, basic instruments, COM Dittel KRT-2, rescue system GRS 4/240 and wheel pants.


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