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SD Planes in Flyer Live Show in Telford 2016

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You can see us in the biggest indoor flying show in the UK in Telford in December 2016. We will exhibit our SD-1 Minisport TG version with SE 33.

The designer and manufacturer Igor Spacek will come and support us.

See you there!



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First SD-1 kit built in the UK – “Little Minx”

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The first kit of SD-1 had been finished by Dave Cox in April 2016. He call it “Little Minx”. It has B&S 24HP and it is in version TD (tail-dragger).

I had the materials kit, the quality was all very good, especially the moulded parts and the drawings were excellent. I spent 20 years as an aircraft engineer in the RAF so for me the drawings and
instructions were mostly straightforward, but I had no hesitation in contacting Igor if I had a question!


Performance with the 24hp engine gave me a cruise speed of about 65kts at 2800 rpm, burning 4 Litres an hour. Takeoff performance was ok and climb rate was around 500ft/min. By not having the ballistic chute my aircraft had a  CofG at the fwd end of the stated
range so stability is
good and landing is not difficult, although having not flown a taildragger for over 20 years I am still trying to get it just right!

David Cox


Dave has written a light hearted article about the experience that is going to be in the December issue of MF magazine!


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New dealer for the UK

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We proudly announce that Jiri (George) Krajca of  JK Aviation has become new dealer for the United Kingdom.

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